• What Is Down?

    Don’t be confused by all the terms associated with down. Here are a few tips to clarify the comfort that down brings.

     down comforter

    What is Down?

    • The down of geese and ducks are underneath the feathers, much like cotton balls, with a round center called the plumage, with thousands of tiny fibers radiating from its core.
    • These fibers create air pockets, which trap heat.
    • Down provides the insulation and warmth that allows ducks and geese to swim in freezing waters.
    • Down is extremely light, the plumes have no quilts.
    • Down is measured in oz. because of the lightness of the loft.   Feathers are measured in pounds and much heavier due to the quilt factor.
    • Down is warmer and lighter in weight than regular comforters.

    Key Factors

    1. Down is washable, feathers, which by their very nature repel water, are not washable.
    2. Most people who are allergic to feathers are not allergic to down.

    What is Fill Power

      • Fill power is what Down is measured by
      • The higher the quality of down the higher the fill power


    Variations in Fill Power

    900+ Siberian White Goose Down is our very best down

    • It comes from older mature geese that are raised in very cold climates specifically for down production, thus creating very large down clusters.
    • The down is harvested from the live geese several times a year from the chest area by hand (from some VERY BRAVE people).

    700+ Polish White Down is handled in the same manner as the 800+ Siberian Down.          

    • They are both extremely durable and given the proper care should last a lifetime. Comforters and pillows filled with this down will become an heirloom treasure to pass down through the family.

    650+ – 575+ White Down can come from several sources; China, Canada and Europe. 

    • These geese are raised for their down as well as food production their  down clusters are a bit smaller Even though, they  provide an excellent value by combining top quality down and long life with moderate price

    True Baffled Box Construction

    The best down comforters have a true baffled box stitch interior system designed to limit shifting and to keep the top and bottom from touching, which eliminates cold spots.


    Finding Your Comfort Level

    Lighter Summer Down

    • Warmer than a blanket, ideal for warm sleepers or warm bedrooms

    Warmer Level

    • Provides the warmth of two –three blankets without the heaviness; suitable for   warm sleepers in cool bedrooms or warm sleepers in cold climates.

    So come on in to Phinas for The Home today and let us find help you find the PERFECT DOWN comforter!

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