By: Ashley Philip

    Ever wonder why it gets so increasingly hot in the middle of the night?

    Well there are two words that will help you solve your problem: YOUR #SHEETS!!!!


    We all have those nights where we're tossing, turning, pulling and pushing our bed sheets figuring out how to please our comfort level in the quickest way possible! Well say no more to a hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable night! #Voile fibers are proven to be the ABSOLUTE BEST when it comes to soft, sheer, and lightweight bedding.  Especially during the spring and summer temperatures, Viole textiles will instantly make those boiling nights satisfying again.


     Just because it's lightweight, doesn't mean it won't last!! Voile is also extremely easy to both launder and dry. When it comes to voile linens, #Sferra provides the ultimate gratification. Voile is delicately made from 100% rich Egyptian cotton, woven and printed in Italy.  The printed voile is featured in a modern pattern of Mushroom, Silver Sage, and Wisteria. It is woven lightly from the finest yarns to furnish an elegantly soft and translucent cloth. Customers who have tried it, applauds not only the texture of these fabrics but the design as well – making anyone feel majestic.


     Sferra voile is available in sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and shams. You can get your voile linens at Phina's for the Home, located in Historic Federal Hill. Don't let the hot summer nights get you flustered. Sleep in something that makes you feel like royalty. For more information go to


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