• LOL-Made You Smile

    Express Yourself with LOL-Made You Smile Tea Towels

    Phina's Fine Linens & Gifts Boutique features Primitives by Kathy

    Let your home decorative accessories say the words for you from now to the holidays.

    Express yourself with a variety of heart-warming, witty and comical decorative accessories with LOL-Made You Smile Tea Towels.

    This season, we challenge you to enter the holidays with a dash of spice. Let your personality shine with gifts that incorporate every thought or expression you've ever had.

    We understand the level of difficulty that's associated with finding a gift that's affordable and more personal than those overused gift cards. Whether you're at a housewarming and you're looking for the ideal housewarming gift; or you're looking for a stocking stuffer for your children on Christmas day; or you're simply looking for decorative house items for yourself- LOL-Made You Smile Tea Towels have something for EVERYONE with classic, heart-warming and hilarious phrases.

    If you're looking for something to warm your mother's heart this thanksgiving and/or holiday season, be sure to show your appreciation by letting her know how right she's been all along. Remember that guy your mom didn't want you dating back in high school? Well, she'll definitely be smiling from ear to ear when she reads this!

    Always having to pluck the dog or cat hair off of your animal loving friend's outfit every time they leave the house? Then you and your friend can definitely relate to these.

    Tired of hearing your friends or parents badger you about the pile of dishes in your sink every time they come over to your house? Let them know how you feel with this!

    And don't forget about that special teacher in your life.

    When we said there was something for EVERYONE, we weren't kidding.

    The introduction of these tea towels have brought a light touch to the atmosphere of Phina's as customers delight in sharing past moments and memories that they associate with the sayings. What are your favorite items? What memories do you attach to these quotes?

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