• Scarves to Dye For

    Be Unique in Chic Designed Silk Scarves

    Last year we featured a blog centered on Canadian Octogenarian Denise D'Aoust and her amazing collection of hand painted silk scarves featured in our store and an instruction guide on the art of caring for them.


    Well this year, on November 20th 2014 we are definitely changing the game with our well-anticipated "Scarves to Dye For" event where Denise D'Aoust will create a custom painted silk scarf using your favorite color. Your one-of-a kind scarf will truly be a "Scarf To Dye For"


    Each scarf is a hand-painted creation made with care from greatly attributed silk material. Just so you know, the word is out that 'Silk' contains 18 natural beneficial amino acids and proteins that are common with those found in the human body. Not only are you wearing something beautiful, non-allergenic, and comfortable, but the material also aids in the promoting of anti-aging & keeps your skin looking youthful.


    This month, give a gift to be remembered with a custom made design silk scarf made from the very hands of Denise D'Aoust. Whether you wear your scarves around your neck, on your head, or around your shoulders, strut down the proverbial runway in style and glamour with a zinging silk scarf by Denise D'Aoust- with a feeling of reassurance knowing you won't run into anyone with the same design.


    Scarves to Dye For will be hosted by Phina's Fine Linens & Gifts Boutique on November 20th 2014, beginning at 6:00-8:00p.m., and will feature Denise D'Aoust who will create a custom silk scarf from your own favorite color.


    Denise D'Aoust was born in the Province of Quebec, Canada, of French Canadian parents, but schooled in the English Language. She eventually made her way to McGill University in Montreal, and retrieved a Master's degree in Social group work and Community Organization. After her first daughter was born and she became, what she terms, "a home mom", she embraced a new career in painting.

    She began her painting on canvas with acrylic paints, then she became enamored with fiber arts, tapestry weaving, batik, and finally direct painting with dyes on silk.

    She has exhibited her monoprints and fiber art in a number of juried exhibitions, and has won awards at the Art League of Virginia, The Potomac Craftsmen Gallery, and the Maryland Federation of Art.

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