• Gifts- Cherished For A Lifetime

    Because we understand the difficulty and the importance of gift giving during the holiday season, we have pulled out all the stops to better provide you with gifts that will be cherished for a lifetime! 


    The exchange of gifts is a very powerful way in which people establish bonds and connections. Gifts are sentimental. It is a show of affection that creates a lasting memory of you. Not only does a gift embody a relationship, it also carries expectations. With all the stresses associated with gift-giving, there's no better way of leaving your proverbial footprint in your friend, husband, wife, or parent's heart with personalized engraving house items that last forever.


    Our all new personalized cutting boards and BBQ sets are unique and special, and offer you a variety of ways to say "Happy Holidays", "Season Greetings" or simply "I Appreciate You".


    Our oval and round shaped personalized cutting boards come equipped with pull-out stainless steel carving utensils. You can purchase these at our store with the original personalized engraving of "Bon Appetite" or you can personalize it with a family name or monogram. Because of the size and food safety concerning wooden cutting boards, we suggest our buyers to use the cutting boards for fruit, vegetables, or any ready-to-eat foods (like bread or cheese).

    Even if you're buying the wooden cutting boards for yourself or as a gift for someone else, a wooden cutting board is guaranteed to complete the outlook of a kitchen. Or at least we think so. When it's not the aromatic smell of food permeating from your kitchen, it's the kitchen’s ambience that contains all your style and charm for sure.


    The selection of what cutting board to use on a daily basis really says a lot about your kitchen’s decor. It’s the bow that completes the package.


    Often times, when you have a gorgeous board, it is used as a decor in itself.  Either hanging or propped up for anyone to see. Whether you prefer to have your cutting board resting on the counter top or hung up on the wall, our Acacia Handled Carving Boards (best for bread or dinner) are equipped with hanging leather straps for your convenience.

    Because no chef or lover for the art of cooking can be a master without the right tools, this durable BBQ stainless steel set, which includes a chef's spatula, grill tongs, and grill fork, makes for the ideal gift for the chef in your life who has everything.


    Each tool is designed with elongated handles and a hanging ring for convenient placement during grilling time. When that particular chef in your life is finished grilling, they are provided with the option of storing the whole set in the durable metal case until the next time they're ready to start grilling again. Finish this gift off with a personalized name or message designed with your chef in mind.


    Stop making gift-giving feel like a chore no one wants to do or passes off for another day. Spread the cheer with gifts that mean and say how you feel. Gifts for the kitchen are always a great choice for the holidays (especially when you're unsure what to get them). And there’s nothing like a truly personalized gift to spread the cheer during the holidays or at the Christmas party.


    From our hearts to yours, Bon Appetit, Happy Holidays & Happy Gift-Giving!

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