• Post #2: New and hot items!

    This week here at “Phina’s For The Home” we’re promoting a hot NEW item becoming popular by many.

    Why just enjoy the nice, luxury bedding only while you’re on vacation when you can bring it home with you???

    Having “Faux Fur” in the home is a new trend many  as far away as Europe are beginning to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

    Faux Fur

    Faux Fur Bedding

    Faux Fur Exotic Rabbit & White Mink

    Faux Fur Exotic Rabbit & White Mink

    “Faux Fur” has been featured in: Ell Decor MagazineArchitecture Design, and it also can be seen in many high-end boutiques in New York and LA, and hotels in Paris. There is no longer a need to travel half way across the world when we’ve got what you need here at Phina’s.

    I can personally  attest to you that I am beginning to enjoy “Faux Fur” in my own home.

    Many might be wondering, “What exactly is Faux Fur?”
    My answer to you is, “its everything!”

    It’s the softness of your Pillows,
    The unique color
    throws in your room,
    Coverlets that make your room pop,
    We’ve got it all…

    “Attention to detail is of the utmost priority here at Phina’s”

    “No problem or situation is to big for my staff and I.”

    “I got into this business to help solve all of you’re bedding and home decor needs.”

    Colors varieties on our “Faux Fur” ranging from: Red ChinchillaWhite Fox and much more…

    Faux Fur

    Faux Fur Pillows

    Unique customization are  available (of course) upon request.


    Carla Wing

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