• Libeco Belgium Bed Linens

    Libeco Fine Belgium Linens

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    The Libeco Home Santiago linen collection is washed and rough-dried, so it arrives at your door softened and textured with light wrinkles--ready for a wonderful nights sleep. 

    Why Libeco Belgium Linens  have heirloom status. The art of harvesting flax seed and weaving it into linen fabrics has been passed down for centuries in Belgium. Starting in 1275 Belgium has become the center of the linen trade. The unique Belgium climate creates the finest flax growing up to six feet tall, which leads to the softest and most durable linens.

    Harvesting of the flax plant has minimal impact on the natural environment and requires little energy input. During the production of the linens all parts of the plant are used and are also 100% biodegradable.


    Over the years Libeco  has been able to fine-tune their craft in order to create the best linens for your home. This is an artisan trade, with generations of knowledge being handed down. The flax provides the best materials which the artisans hand weave to create a perfect product. Every artisan linen can  last up to 50  years + truly making it an heirloom to pass along. 

  • Libeco  Belgium Bed Linens
  • Libeco  Belgium Bed Linens

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